Julie Parker

dental practice management consultant,

I get it. As a practice owner, your concerns are numerous and you want to manage everything well. 

Whether it is managing the interpersonal relationships of your team members, tracking the performance of employee practitioners, deciding how much to invest in new equipment and upgrades, you know your attention should also be on the kind of experience your practice is creating for your patients. 

You know that owning your own dental practice can be stressful and overwhelming. However,  you also know that the ownership is your best path to designing the career you want and the practice you love working in. 

And, that’s where I come in.

I deeply understand the challenges for you and every member of your dental team, as well as the patients’ perspectives. I have spent years intensely studying the principles that surround patient psychology, team dynamics, leadership and business strategy. I have a deep respect for the dental industry and am committed to improving the lives of those who choose to be involved with it.

Julie Parker Practice Success is here to help you achieve the dental practice you have always dreamed of.

Professional Experience

I have had over three decades of dental practice experience including 10 years of successfully owning and managing my own practice. I have developed and refined my systems and strategies and they deliver results. I am in a perfect position to advise you and help your dental practice to thrive in today’s dental industry.

  • Worked in dental practices since 1987 as a dental assistant, receptionist, patient coordinator, practice manager and owner.
  • Ten years of dental practice sole-ownership.
  • Consultant and coach to dental practices since 2013.
  • Assisted over 70 practices to achieve success in unifying their dental teams, increasing the standard of patient experience and implementing strategies to increase production, efficiency and a happy, caring working environment.
  • A regular contributor to industry magazine, Australasian Dental Practice Magazine with over 30 articles.
  • Frequent contributer to articles published in another industry magazine, Bite Magazine.
  • Facilitated the sale and purchase of several dental practices in Victoria.
  • Personal mentor and coach to many industry personnel over the years.
  • Frequent collaboration with other Dental Practice Consultants and industry experts.
  • Host and speaker at dental industry events. 
  • Creator of guides and manuals and My Awesome Diary.
  • Host of The Julie Parker Practice Success Podcast and co-host of Practising the Art of Small Business
  • Co-facilitator of Dental Biz Mastermind 
  • Author of over 190 blog articles created to help dental team members in skills-development
  • Qualified practitioner of NLP, hypnotherapy and time-line therapy.