Avoid Groundhog Day with 3 Simple Steps


I am sure that I am not the only one that has fallen in to the trap of ‘Groundhog Day’. Getting up each morning, like every other morning, and doing generally the same stuff.

But nothing changes if nothing changes.

Many years ago I started a routine of 3 simple steps that have now developed in to valuable habits in my daily routine. It is because of these 3 steps that I get up each morning enthusiastic and excited at what the day will bring.

1  –   Set an agenda for the day

Every morning set an agenda for yourself to tackle. It can be small such as committing to follow up on a couple of unfinished tasks or doing something to acknowledge a great performance by a staff member. Or it can be a larger challenge you set for yourself, such as a commitment to approach every issue that arises that day with an inner smile and a ‘bring it on’ attitude.

I have found that establishing a focus for each day makes me eager to jump in to work so I can get on with my agenda.


2  –  Get to work early

There is never enough time in the morning. Is there time for another coffee? To get petrol? To counter the bad traffic? Racing against the clock is a huge stressor. Starting the day behind the eight-ball is not an effective strategy for an enjoyable day.

I have found that arriving to work at least 30 minutes early allows me to get a coffee, sit and assess the day, accomplish a few small tasks, all at an easy pace. Establishing a mindset of calm efficiency is a powerful way to tackle the rest of the day.


3  –  Say a high energy ‘Good Morning!’

Starting the day off on a positive note has high impact. Too often people drag their feet, and souls, in to work every day. Life is meant to be enjoyable! But it is up to us to bring that joy.

Getting in to the habit of arriving with a big smile and a big hello will shift your mood immediately. Your energy will be contagious, so others will feel happier and more energised.

Big ‘hellos’ also convey to your team that everyone is equally appreciated. That you wish the best for all of them. It is friendly and welcoming and I encourage you to bring this spirit to your practice every day.


So if you are suffering the Groundhog Day blues, try out my 3 simple steps for a week. I know the impact on your work life will be huge!