LIVE Webinar: Reactivating Your Inactive Patients

Most dental practices have a number of inactive patients in their database.
Depending upon the age of the practice, the number of inactive patients can reach into the hundreds and even thousands.

There are several benefits arising from tackling this area of your practice:

  • Cleans up your database
  • Increases the number of patients who attend your practice
  • Contributes to filling the appointment book
  • Improves productivity and turnover
  • There is an additional, enormous benefit in contacting your inactive patients. Discovering WHY they left!

While many patients change dental practitioners due to reasons such as moved out of the area, cheaper prices elsewhere or changed financial circumstances, other more ominous issues may be the reason. These can be an alarm bell for a possible slow attrition of your patient base.

Lowering customer service standards, changes to systems or unpleasant clinical experience are some of the damaging elements that can creep into your practice, tarnishing what used to make you a practice of choice.

Identifying and managing these issues is a vital step to your practice success.

You will discover:

  • How to identify your inactivate patients
  • Why patients stop attending their dental practice
  • How to open the lines of communication
  • Tips to get these patients back in your dental chair
  • Steps you can take now to maintain your patient base long-term
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Apr 27 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


$150 + GST

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