I think I may be brilliant!


I may be brilliant. In fact, I have a feeling we are all brilliant, all the time.

The number of times that I have felt trapped in a challenge without direction are too numerous to say. The problem plays over monotonously in my head. I feel an urgency to find answers. Unhelpful thoughts like “why me?” and “why now?” take the place where constructive assessment should be.

But, luckily, I have realised I am brilliant! I don’t need to fret. I have all the answers. And you do too.

I realised years ago that I can turn my brilliance off, and I can turn it on.

The way I turn my brilliance off is by being too busy. By always being with people. By distracting myself through TV, reading and listening to the radio. By working through the daily routine of my life.

The way I turn on my brilliant mind is going for a quiet walk, or a peaceful drive without the radio playing. By lying on my bed in the middle of the day without sleeping. It is when I allow my mind to explore a problem, quietly and in its own time, that I realise and enable my brilliance.

Contemplation is the key.

We exist in a busy world with many distractions. The busyness and distractions are good, as they are valuable elements to our lives. However, they are also the barriers to the brilliant insights your mind can offer.

I am consistently surprised at the understanding, realisation, ideas and solutions that surface when I take time for contemplation. Contemplation is my link to inspiration and wisdom. It takes me to a deeper level of thought that is inquisitive, optimistic and hopeful. I see the possibility for greatness and great results.

I have discovered my most effective time for contemplation is as I am waking in the morning. I often need to write things down immediately, so quickly the great ideas flow. I explored into this and research reveals that for most people your creative brain works better when you are tired. Scientists advise contemplation in the shower after a long day’s work is a great way to process your thoughts.

You may find you tap into your brilliance when exercising, through meditation or taking time out to be on your own. Whatever ever you find works best, make it part of your daily or weekly routine.

Life is better, when you are brilliant!