Opening Yourself Up To MORE

JPPS co-founder Charles Kovess and I recently attended an inspiring event that was conducted by A MOST interesting man. 

Dr Bruce Copley is a holistic educator, multi-instrumentalist, storyteller and presenter. He has also been a buddy of Charles for 10 years.

Unbelievably, Bruce plays 122 instruments. He has been awarded multiple degrees and has developed a revolutionary holistic method of education and training known as Cogmotics (cogitare – to think, and motare – to move).

Using his story-telling style and immersing attendees in the experience of music and fire-making, Bruce’s Cogmotics workshops re-awaken the learner inside all of us. Participants are encouraged to shift their life-work perspective to one that comes back to soul and true human value.

If you believe that you are tone-deaf and cannot sing, Bruce will prove to you how your belief is mistaken.

If you believe it takes years to learn to play music, Bruce will get you playing well within 30 minutes.

Charles and my experience with Bruce reminded me of the importance of routinely stepping out of our daily life and reminding ourselves of who we are and what our soul purpose is.

As our days roll by, we can let our busy-ness and daily frustrations direct our behaviours and decisions. Before we know it, we find that we are either accepting or creating an existence that is neither satisfying nor contributing to any greater good.

If we want a particular life experience, it is up to us to design what we want and then take action steps to create it. In addition to this, we can ensure we remain on our best path if we take regular opportunities for reflection, contemplation and opening our minds by experiencing something new.

Reflection helps us learn by thinking about our past behaviours and responses and considering the alternatives we have that may give us better results in the future.

Contemplation is deep and prolonged thought about what is going on in your world. Creating this stillness allows your intuition to guide your thoughts. Amazing insights can be uncovered through contemplation.

New experiences are how we learn and grow. Opening yourself up to different perspectives and new ideas encourages your creativity, flexibility and understanding of the world. Embracing new experiences with enthusiasm will improve your experience of life. Avoiding the actual experiences, with an attitude that ‘I already know that’, is like avoiding visiting the Grand Canyon because you watched a movie of it.

If you are finding that your beliefs keep getting in the way of having the life you want, then it’s time to change your beliefs. How to actually do that is a topic of an upcoming blog.