Building a Successful Team: Webinar Recording

$165.00 inc. GST

Building a Successful Team: Webinar Recording

$165.00 inc. GST

1.75-Hour webinar recording on the topic of Building a Successful Team.

Includes recording, presentation slides and downloads Creating Your Own Vision and Morning Huddle (PDF and Word versions).



A successful dental practice team is one that meets the needs of…
* the practice
* the patients
* the individual team members

Building a successful team is the creation of an environment that promotes trust, safety and empowerment. Developing a deeper understanding of team dynamics, individual behaviour and what inspires people to deliver high levels of personal performance is key to the creation of such an environment.

What you’ll learn:

  • The impact each team member has on the practice
  • How to establish to foundations of a successful team
  • What motivates a team
  • How to build the culture of behaviours that will be your successful team
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