Superstar Receptionist: Webinar Recording

$165.00 inc. GST

Superstar Receptionist: Webinar Recording

$165.00 inc. GST

1-Hour webinar recording on the topic of Superstar Receptionist

Includes recording, slides and download ‘Telephone Answering Sheet’



Dental Receptionists are tremendously important! They are the ones who:

  • encourage new patients to schedule their first booking when they are phoning around practices to find the best one
  • build strong relationships with every patient
  • assist patients to overcome their barriers when scheduling and paying for their treatment
  • ensure patients turn up to their appointments and maintain their recalls
  • follow up with patients who have incomplete treatment
  • foster the image and character of the practice
  • provide consistency of service to build trust with patients
  • modify patient expectations to be realistic


What you’ll learn:
– The mindset of a Superstar Receptionist

– Successful communication skills

– Rapport building, and why it is a vital element to your role

– Winning telephone techniques

– Managing Unhappy Callers

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