The Club is a membership specifically catered
to dental practice owners and managers.

Access the ever-growing library of presentations, resources and tools to improve the

performance of your practice and team members. 

The topics that you are provided assistance with cover every aspect of dental practice management.

Teams      Patient Engagement       Leadership      Reception Operations

Clinical Team      Practice Management      Marketing      Personal Growth 

The library is HUGE! Here are some of the topics covered in The Club presentations.

The ‘Patient Handover’ to the reception

Tracking your Treatment Plan Acceptance Rate

How to effectively delegate

Remote working schedule for off-site teams

When you offer a candidate the job, are you in the same financial ballpark?

The Johari Window for your self-improvement

Delivering Team feedback

WhatsApp for your Team communications

The 3 Categories of Patients

Establishing your new Hygiene Program

The power of the Daily Focus

Patient Advocate Role

Letter to patients who frequently break their appointments

Team training when there is no time!

Scripts to convert patients to hygiene

The 8 reasons why the receptionist is such a powerful role in your practice

Why you should consider a Hygiene Department

The 5 Languages of Appreciation or Team motivation

Creating a psychologically safe working environment

Surveying the RIGHT patients

Maintaining your good relationships with patients while modifying their behaviour

Goals: Overcoming what stops us

Using My Awesome Diary

Shifting from REGRET to GRATITUDE

Effective Team communication

Increasing the value of your Patient Base

Conducting effective role-plays in your team training

How to powerfully welcome your patients

Patients who leave with your treatment plan for a cheaper alternative

The impact of micro-management

Developing your CHARM

Goals: Setting the right goal for your pratice

Creating the habits and processes for your goals achievement

Recalling your patients after COVID restrictions

Hints for effectice use of Google Calendar at reception

Your Practice Values

Performance Reviews

Team Culture

How to become GREAT at quoting fees to your patients

Employee dentist remuneration

New employee onboarding process

Hiring GREAT people

Keeping GREAT staff

Top tips for an efficient receptionist

Open-Book Management

The JPPS Staff Remuneration Matrix

Your Practice Purpose

Managing bad employee behaviour

How a 10% improvement can result in a 30% boost in turnover

Converting New Callers into Appointments

The value of tracking Key Performance Indicators

Following up patients with incomplete treatment

Building rapport with patients

Reducing broken appointments


Patient engagement in their treatment

Team conflict

A plan to tackle your Practice Manual

The 4 Growth Stoppers

Reactivating your inactive patients


Pre-booking your schedule to reach your practice goals

Discounting your dentistry – the broader impacts


At only $70 + GST per month, becoming a member of The Club is one of the easiest and best decisions you will make.

Start your team’s journey of contact and never-ending improvement today!