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Front is an email management app.

When you are the only one managing emails that come through to your practice, you can create your own folders and systems of follow up and track messages.

However, if there are two or more people managing the emails of one or several accounts, it can be challenging to see who has followed up with what email. There is a lot of forwarding of emails creating long threads that become difficult to decipher and internal responding to emails to provide your feedback before getting back to the sender. Because they are difficult to track, important emails can be easily missed and that is not a good look to patients or your stakeholders.

Dental practices certainly suffer this process with emails coming to the same address for:

  • general inquiries and patient follow up for the receptionist
  • special offers and consumables information for the team member in charge of ordering
  • patient communications, specialist letters, information on upcoming course for the practitioners
  • invoices and statements for the bookkeeper

Front helps transform your email inbox into an efficient space with all emails being managed effectively.

Front allows you to:

  • Do all the things standard email tools do
  • Customise your personal inbox with folders, files and categories to suit you
  • Delegate emails to the appropriate members of your team
  • See all the emails that have been sent in or just the ones that have been delegated to you
  • Track who is working on what and ensure emails are followed up
  • Collate all of your social media messaging so you can manage those tasks as simply as you manage your other emails
  • Attach comments to emails, providing feedback to a team member, avoiding sending your feedback with an email response
  • Write drafts and then easily gain others feedback from others before sending your final email
  • Attach labels to emails to stay organised
  • Insert templates for faster responding to common patient queries

Have a look at this video to learn more:

If you want to give Front a try, they offer a free trial period. You can also ask for a one-on-one online demonstration. Go to Front: https://frontapp.com/

I can see Front being a very useful tool for dental practices. You may end up loving it as much as I do!