Turn Your Post-Op Calls Into A Practice Builder!


I wrote in a previous blog of the danger of choosing efficiency over function, where you issue your patient recalls in a way that generates bookings, rather than just choosing the speediest way to reach your patients. Read more here.

Another area where dental practices compromise function for efficiency is TLC post-op telephone calls to patients. While this task is usually effectively managed by the receptionist, I urge you to consider the impact if the treating dentist were to call the patient.

A TLC call from the dentist to the patient is a powerful gesture. Not only does it tell the patient that the dentist cares about their welfare, it is also a great practice builder. Rarely do doctors of any modality personally call their patients, so it is an opportunity for the dentist to be seen as offering something special.

As we know, a dissatisfied customer will talk about their terrible experience to their friends and family. However, the same rule applies for customers who feel they have experienced an unusually high standard of customer service.  In this increasingly crowded dental arena, standing out is more important than ever before. Give your patients a reason to talk about how happy they are with you by incorporating this small but effective process.

Post-op calls also fulfill a professional responsibility of continuing care. It gives the dentist the opportunity to clarify post-op instructions, ensure medications are being administered properly and addresses any queries the patient has.

Calling your patients after an extraction, toothache or particularly lengthy appointment to ensure they are recovering well takes only a minute per phone call. Instead of delegating this task to be more efficient, use it as an opportunity to wow your patients and build your practice.