Who is watching you?


Have you ever been employed by a boss who inspired you to work harder?

I can say that I have had such bosses!

Contemplating what made these bosses special and different, I have realised it comes down to tone key factor: Their behaviours generated my respect for them.

Most bosses have similar agendas: they strive to have a viable business that produces rewards that makes their input of time, effort and money worth it.

However each boss is different in how they achieve the desired agenda.

The bosses for whom I have worked hardest are those who inspired me through the example they set. It was their high standards of performance and behaviour that inspired my high performance.

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life. It’s about what you inspire others to do.”  Terry Wildemann

I looked to them for lessons in how to push through a challenging day, how to manage upset staff…how to bring order to the natural chaos of a dental surgery. How did they celebrate wins and how determined were they to continue striving for goals when success wasn’t easy?

Whether they respond to the call or not, business owners are leaders. Team members are looking to the owners for guidance on ‘how things are done’ in the practice. For example, if a team member is displaying an unhelpful attitude, it is not only the owner’s management of the team member that will inspire a reaction, but also the example they choose to set for others to observe.

“Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring.”

It has been my experience that we all want to grow and ‘be better’. Being inspired by others is often what is needed to push us to the next level. Indeed the realisation that others ARE looking to us for inspiration can be the push we need to be better.

Consider what you DO and how you behave. What example are you setting? Make it an inspiring one…they are watching you…