Why do you and your team come to work?


A successful Practice is much like a successful human being: those who thrive are those who access their passion and their skills, who discover how to adapt to their constantly changing environments, and who are able to effect lasting useful behavioural changes.

People develop bad habits.

We don’t always eat the ideal diet for physical strength and endurance; we sit too much and need to exercise more; we get trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts and forget how important it is or what it feels like to be positive and inspired.

The practices we work in can also develop bad habits. We forget the purpose and vision for turning up every day; we neglect the practice goals when our days become too busy; we stop supporting each other and stop working as a team because we become consumed with just getting through each day.

The issue is the same in both instances: Goals fall away as we start to focus on the moment and problems in front of us. Immediate gratification becomes what directs our behaviour, rather than the greater, long-term good.

Clarifying your Practice Purpose and Vision is like finding your personal meaning of life. Discovering your life’s purpose directs the decisions you make and focuses your behaviour.

Your dental team members will experience a wonderful and positive impact when your Practice Purpose and Vision have been clarified. The team’s decisions, introduced systems and behaviours will be driven by these clearly articulated principles. The collective performance will be raised as achieving the common and clear goals becomes a team effort. Team members support each other in moving forward together, avoiding an individual’s inclination to work just to get through their own day.

The process of establishing your Purpose and Vision is not to simply mount a couple of lovely laminated statements on the staff-room wall. It is for your Team to discover meaning and intent and thereby empower all team members to bring their genius and best performance for the benefit of everyone. It is a great way to practise your profession, it is a fun way to practise your profession, and it is a sustainable way to practise your profession.

When you do this, there will be many wonderful reasons why you and your team come to work!