Are you WEARY?


I recently worked with a client who was looking to hire a new receptionist.

This practice had had difficulty in finding the person who was the ‘right fit’.

Despite the owner’s thoughtful approach, three receptionists had come and gone within a year.

After assessing various candidates, I arranged an interview with Meg, who had the skills and character that the position needed. I had spoken to Meg at length over the phone and felt optimistic about the contribution she could make.

As I was asked to facilitate the interview, I arrived at the practice 15 minutes early. The owner was in the waiting room, trying his best to appear enthusiastic. However, after searching for, hiring, training and transitioning three receptionists, he was weary.

The practice owner conducted an effective interview. But I was concerned. How would his weary state of mind affect his opinion of this promising candidate?

A weary mindset is inclined towards the negative. Where there would normally be slight doubt about a candidate’s suitability, a weary mindset perceives too much of a challenge. Weary eyes miss the positive elements of a candidate’s character and exaggerate the inconsequential negative ones.  The interview questions that come to a weary employer’s mind tend to be focused on what behaviour they wish the new employee to avoid, rather than articulate the type of performance that the practice needs from the employee to reach the practice goals.

Most importantly though, a weary mindset conveys to others that you may be difficult to please, quick to criticise and unlikely to show appreciation for good work that deserves appreciation. These messages would dissuade a potential high performer from accepting a role in your practice.

While becoming weary is understandable and often justifiable, it is unhelpful to you, your practice and what you wish to achieve.

Every new employee is a wonderful opportunity for your practice:

  • They are enthusiastic, and this raises your team’s energy.
  • New employees come with fresh eyes, providing the opportunity to improve current systems.
  • They bring with them experience and ideas from their time in the industry, with the possibility of introducing new ways of attracting new customers, building customer service, productivity and efficiency.

The answer to weariness is shifting from looking backwards over the past trials, to looking forward to the wonderful opportunities. So focus forward and feel your energy and enthusiasm flow back into you!