Before you look forward to 2020 let’s look back at 2019 for some inspiration.

It is the first day of 2020 and may I wish each of you the very best for the coming year. New Years is a wonderfully optimistic time for many people as they consider ways to make the coming year a big one!

New Years Day is often used as a day to project forward and identify helpful behaviours that will achieve greater levels of success for the coming year.

However, based upon the site Positive Psychology Program, I am going to urge you to look back and reflect upon 2019. Following are a series of questions that have everything to do with last year so you can create a plan for a big 2020!

Grab a pad and pen, find a quiet place to sit and settle in.

Let’s go…

  1. Did I use my time wisely last year? What could I have done to allocate my time more effectively?
  2. Are there any relationships that are important to me that I took for granted? What actions can I take that will ensure those relationships are better nurtured?
  3. Did I live with a healthy perspective over the past year? How could I have shifted my mindset and gained a happier experience for the year?
  4. Did I live true to my values and self? Reflecting on key situations over the past year, how could I have changed my management of these situations to live more in alignment with whom I aspire to be?
  5. Did I wake up enthusiastic and energised for each coming day? What contributes to a positive morning for me? What can I do to ensure these elements are consistent in my daily routine?
  6. Did my daily habits meet the needs of my physical body? Understanding that the amount of physical and emotional energy I have is directly related to exercise, healthy diet and effective stress-management, what habits could I modify or introduce to tap into a greater source of energy?
  7. What problems worried me most over the past year? How can I manage these problems, or my mindset around them, to reduce their negative impact?
  8. Did I have goals that I achieved last year? If I did, have I taken the time to acknowledge and celebrate these achievements? If my goals were not achieved, have I identified and celebrated the progress I have achieved so far? What further steps am I going to take this coming year to ensure I get closer to, or actually achieve, my goals?

Bringing constructive change into your daily life and mindset is the path to achieving your goals, improving your experience of life and having a positive impact on those around you. Letting your history help you to redesign and redirect your future is one way you can achieve greater success.