Opportunity dressed up in wolf’s clothing

Achieving your goals is all about clarifying what your actual goals are and then taking action.

Initially, it feels good. You have made a powerful decision for improvement in some aspect of your world. You feel motivated and take the actions steps you have identified as the path to success!

However, sometimes, despite taking action, reaching or achieving your goals remains elusive.

And that’s when it starts. With each day that passes and you have not reached those goals, your anxiety rises. Slowly, your deadline looms ahead. The pressure builds. Your mind races. You walk around with a permanent frown. You become short-tempered.

“I’m running out of time!”

“There should have been results by now!”

“This is all going wrong!”


For me, these thoughts niggle in the background until, eventually one morning, I wake at 4 am with my mind screaming, “DO SOMETHING TO FIX THIS!”

Sounds stressful, right? But, on the other hand…

It has been my experience that some of my best ideas have come from this desperate space. When the pressure is intense and the time I have to make decisions is limited, my brain shifts into a higher gear and I am able to think more creatively, developing solutions that hadn’t occurred to me previously when I was calm and ‘in control’.

Embracing this desperate-ness as a path to some of the best thinking you will do flips the meaning of this particular level of anxiety. The key is not to panic, but to recognise the opportunity that it presents.

Opportunity is often hidden, seen only upon reflection. Embracing your challenging times as a gift that triggers a more powerful response, so you can get what you need, removes your subconscious resistance to the wise and insightful part of the inner-you that is always there, trying to guide you.

When you feel those uncomfortable feelings rise up, ignore the wolf’s clothing and embrace the opportunity, smile and say, “At last, you’re here! It’s about time! Now we can start to take powerful action and get the result we want!”