Are you new to the role of Dental Receptionist?

Have you been a receptionist for some time and eager for ideas for improvement?

If you are, this webinar is for YOU!

As the Dental Receptionist, you are tremendously important!

This is because you are the one who:

  • encourages new patients to schedule their first booking when they are phoning around practices to find the best one,
  • builds strong relationships with every patient,
  • assists patients overcome their barriers when scheduling and paying for their treatment,
  • ensures patients turn up to their appointments and maintain their recalls,
  • follows up with patients who have incomplete treatment, and
  • foster the image and character of the practice.

Julie Parker Practice Success has designed a four-part series of live webinars with updated information for the dental receptionist.

It is the Superstar Receptionist Series.

SESSION 1 – Patient & Telephone Communications

  • Successful communication skills
  • Rapport building, and why it is a vital element to your role
  • Winning telephone techniques


SESSION 2 – Reducing Broken Appointments

  • Develop patient’s commitment to their appointments
  • The reasons patients break their appointments
  • Strategies to keep late cancellations and failed appointments to an absolute MINIMUM


SESSION 3 – Converting New Callers Into Appointments

Are you spending money to attract new patients?
If so, here’s how you can support your receptionist to convert these new callers into appointments in your book!
Many practices spend a lot of money on advertising and promotion, driving potential new patients to call the practice.

However, if the receptionist has not been provided with the training and experience to effectively manage these new callers, their conversion rate will suffer.

Protect your investment and increase your ROI (return on investment) by supporting your receptionist with this insightful webinar.


SESSION 4 – Successful operation of the day

  • Effective appointment book management
  • Your 3-point priority list
  • Managing your To-Do Lists and tasks
  • Supporting your team