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Skills for the Successful
Dental Receptionist

The role of the Dental Receptionist is more than simply answering phones, taking payments and booking appointments. Dental Receptionists need to build skills in communication and rapport-building as well as developing task-prioritisation, organisational and time-management skills.

This mini-course teaches team members the skills that will empower them to be highly successful in the role of Dental Receptionist.


  • The 8 reasons why the dental receptionist is so crucial for your practice success
  • Communication skills for in-person and telephone rapport-building
  • Effective task-prioritisation
  • Time management tips
  • How to be more organised on the front desk
  • Scripts for common communications with patients
  • Understanding the 4 levels of customer service

Building a Successful Recall Strategy

There are important considerations when developing your recall strategy. 

You will learn:

  • Who you are trying to appeal to when you recall patients 
  • What communication method will generate the best results
  • How often to remind patients about their recall
  • How to track the results of our efforts

Successfully Hiring &
Onboarding New Staff

Hiring, onboarding and keeping great team members does not happen by accident. It is a result of careful planning and execution.

During this online course, Hiring and Successfully On-boarding New Staff, I share:

  • Where to look for new staff,
  • The characteristics you should be looking for in candidates,
  • The 3-Point Interview Process,
  • My New Employee On-boarding Process will ensure your new team member excels in their role, and
  • How to keep a great team. 

Reactivating Your Inactive Patients

Most dental practices have a number of inactive patients in their database.

Depending upon the age of the practice, the number of inactive patients can reach into the hundreds and even thousands.

You will discover:

  • How to identify your inactivate patients
  • Why patients stop attending their dental practice
  • How to open the lines of communication
  • Tips to get these patients back in your dental chair
    Steps you can take now to maintain your patient base long-term

How to Reduce Broken Appointments

The financial cost of broken appointments is high.

But you can do something about it.
In this mini-course, we will be covering:

  • Why patient break their appointments
  • The cost of broken appointments in your practice
  • The key steps you can take to reduce any chance of the patient breaking their appointment
  • How to track your results to ensure your practice is improving.

Delivering GREAT Customer Service

In today’s competitive dental practice space, patients have many options if unhappy in their current practice.

The standard of customer service that your team delivers WILL set you apart so you become THE dental practice of choice in your area.

You will discover:

  • The difference between good and GREAT customer service
  • The personal behaviours each team member can adopt to deliver GREAT customer service
  • The practice behaviours and systems your practice can introduce to deliver GREAT customer service
  • How to consistently expand on the service your practice provides to patients.

Scheduling for Low Stress &
High Productivity

Dental appointment books can quickly become chaotic. Patients are squeezed in to fill gaps and there never seems to be enough time to properly cater to your patient needs. This creates a stressful environment for your patients and your dental team feel under constant pressure.

In addition to high-stress issues, without proper planning you will suffer from low productivity. Your busy-ness throughout the month fails to reach the financial targets required for a sustainable practice.

There are proven strategies that your practice can implement to manage appointment scheduling successfully. Join me for this insightful mini-course and discover what you can do to ensure your days are efficient, productive and stress-free.

Building a Successful Team

Building a successful team requires some awareness of what drives us as people and how we behave in groups.

What we will cover in this mini-course is:

  • What your dental team need to perform well
  • Causes of team dysfunction
  • Strategies for successful team communication
  • What drives team motivation

Converting New Callers into Appointments

Make sure your team have the right support and training to convert your new callers into appointments.

You will discover:

  • What your New Caller Conversion rate
  • What callers need in order to become patients
  • What YOU can do to improve your conversion rate.

Tracking Key Performance Indicators

Establishing a goal is just the first step to achieving success.
Without tracking your progress, you are likely to stray off course.

This is what we cover:

  • What key performance indicators are
  • Why KPIs are important to track
  • The 13 KPIs that I advise you track
  • How to establish your system for tracking KPIs

Dental Reception Fundamentals

Dental Reception Fundamentals…for receptionists without a dental background.

We cover:

  • Common dental terms and abbreviations
  • How to schedule appointments effectively
  • Management of TLC and follow-up calls
  • Effective Confirmations
  • Being the ‘hub’ of the practice
  • Tips for efficiency and productivity
  • Useful scripts and templates to use immediately
  • Juggling when everything happens at once!

Achieving Patient Engagement

During this mini-course, I share:

  • The impact of that the subconscious mind has on patient behaviour
  • The 6 Principles that will engage your patients with your practice and your treatment recommendations
  • The process patients naturally and subconsciously move through when making treatment decisions

Managing Your Incomplete Treatment List

The Incomplete Treatment List is one of the least managed parts of any dental practice.
Encouraging lapsed patients to reactivate their treatment plans is one of the more challenging processes in your dental practice.

But, when you consider that at any one time, there are likely tens of thousands of dollars in unfinished dental treatment in your system, it is a process that is worthy of getting right.

Learn the steps you can take to successfully manage your incomplete treatment list with this valuable mini-course.

How to Build Excellent Practitioner-Assistant Relationships in Your Surgery

During this mini-course, I share with you:

  • How working relationships can become dysfunctional
  • Getting the right mindset
  • Building an excellent practitioner-assistant relationship
  • What to do when the day becomes stressful

Transform Your Team Through a Powerful Team Culture

Discover the power your Team Culture has and learn how to establish your ideal Team Culture in your practice by taking this online mini-course.  

You will learn:

  • What is Team Culture
  • Why is Team Culture so important
  • How good teams can go bad
  • Building a Powerful Team Culture
  • Maintaining your Powerful Team Culture


Identifying and Achieving Your Dental Practice Goals

Identify and achieve your dental practice goals with this powerful mini-course.

You will learn:

  • How to identify your unique goals.
  • The system to plan out your goals to actionable steps.
  • A proven method tp track you performance and maintain momentum and motivation.
  • How to get your whole team on board. 


How to Lead and Manage Your Team

Identify and achieve your dental practice goals with this powerful mini-course.

You will learn:

  • The successful leadership style that I have personally used with great results over the past 20 years.
  • How to create an environment that generates high performances from every team member.
  • Management and leadership skills that inspire and foster a desire for continual improvement in everyone.
  • What your team members need from you personally to be productive, enthusiastic and happy.
  • How to build friendly relationships with your team yet still maintain authority and respect.
  • Develop a team of truly capable and responsible team members who deliver strong results even when you are not there.
  • Powerful communication techniques that are essential to your success.
  • My tips for systematising your management and leadership responsibilities.
  • Managing conflict and difficult conversations.



This is a true ‘doing’ workshop! We get in and actually get a plan of action created so we can start achieving our goals immediately!

  • Identify the goals that will help you achieve success

  • Create a step-by-step plan to get daily progress

  • Track your results so you can modify your plan.

  • Overcome what stops us from achieving our goals.

  • Productivity and time management hacks

  • Powerful tips to make sure you stay on track