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Julie Parker Practice Success has evolved! We’ve joined forces with a renowned dental practice management consultant to form Dental Business Mastery. Together, we are offering a broader range of consulting programs, tailored to the dynamic needs of modern dental practices.

Discover our enhanced services and the latest offerings at Dental Business Mastery.

Consulting Programs

Work with us one-on-one

If you feel your practice is ready for some serious changes, then  Consulting Program is for you. 

Julie and Ameena will help identify the barriers to your success, help establish goals and design a plan to achieve a thriving dental practice. 

Types of Programs

Build a dynamic and engaged team

Only great teams achieve great results. However, teams can lose their way. 

Julie and Ameena guide teams through a process of establishing a strong culture of growth, support and high performance. 

Production and Growth

Tap into the productive potential of your practice with a series of strategies that Julie will work with your team to implement and build on. 

Julie and Ameena will help you design a plan of goals achievement to align your whole team for a powerful year for your practice growth. 

Leadership Development

Leadership is not a skill that comes naturally. The sooner in your career as a practice owner or manager you develop leadership capabilities, the sooner your practice can achieve great success. 

Julie and Ameena will help you identify your own style of leadership and deliver foundational values that will guide you in the long-term management of your practice and team.


Systems help your dental practice deliver a high level of patient care and service consistently. 

Julie and Ameena will move through your existing systems and make suggestions for new powerful systems that will help your team deliver strong performances in a low-stress, efficient and productive environment.

Performance Improvement

Every team member can improve their performance, including the owners and managers. In fact, if every member of your team were on a journey of constant and never-ending improvement, just imagine what your dental practice could achieve.

Julie and Ameena help your team members understand what continual improvement looks like and how to overcome the barriers to getting better!

Patient Engagement

The more deeply you can achieve engagement of your patients in the dental treatment and your practice, the more successful you will be.

Julie and Ameena will guide your team in how to achieve high-level patient engagement and help you implement proven systems of communication and patient management.

common questions

The success of any Program is highly dependant upon the time devoted to the teachings and guidance delivered. 

Practices do need to be open to allocating regular half-days for workshops as well as routine shorter online sessions to check progress and maintain momentum. 

All Programs are customised for each dental practice’s unique needs. 

Just like a dental patient who attends your dental practice for an examination, the first step is to identify pain-points and problems that require attention. Then, a plan is designed in consultation with the dental practice owner and/or manager.

Programs can be delivered either onsite or online. 

We located in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia so for more local practices, onsite visits are easily arranged. 

Online is often more financially achievable with interstate practices, as there are no travel expenses to pay. 

If you are interested in a Consulting program for your practice, let’s start with an online, no obligation discussion.

Simply click on the link below and arrange a suitable time to speak directly with us.