When you embrace this value for your practice, magic happens.

Last week, I explored in my blog what my values would be if I still owned my dental practice.

Professionalism was the first value that I identified as crucial to have a successful practice. (Read last week’s blog in case you missed it here: https://julieparkerpracticesuccess.com/professionalism-what-is-the-value/)

My second value is one that fosters an ever-improving performance for staff and for the business. 

That value is CANI – Constant And Neverending Improvement.

The CANI principle is espoused by many thought leaders including Tony Robbins, the American self-mastery guru.  It is also described in the Japanese culture as Kai-Zen, meaning ‘continuous improvement’.

Adopting the value of CANI within yourself and your working environment can lead to magical outcomes and extraordinary results.

Daniel Pink in his best-selling book, Drive, describes one of our three main drivers as ‘mastery’. Human beings have a deep desire to become better and master what they do. It gives us a sense that we are progressing. And that makes us happy.

Imagine what your dental practice would look like and how it would operate if the value of CANI was cultivated, nurtured and implemented?

Employees who felt your practice was the place they could grow and reach their potential would be motivated, happy and loyal.

Potential team members would come to you, wanting to be a part of your great practice.

The processes around managing your patients would continually improve, generating a reputation for your practice of ideal service in the community.

Better and more refined systems would evolve making your practice organised, efficient and productive.

Owners and manager’s leadership skills would develop and grow, inspiring and supporting team members to deliver consistently improved performances.

The benefits of adopting the value of CANI to self and those within your team are enormous. The ultimate beneficiaries are your patients and business.