Control Your Controllables

Turia Pitt is an Australian survivor. She is the ultra-marathon runner who was horribly burned by an out-of-control grass fire during a ‘Racing The Planet’ event.

Turia endured months of operations and rehabilitation during her recovery and has been left with substantial scarring over her body.

In an interview with Turia, she was asked how she is coping with the COVID-19 restrictions and fears. Her answer was one that can give us significant support. Turia said that while she was moving through her rehabilitation, there were a lot of unknowns about how she would recover. She discovered that she felt most empowered when she focused on ‘controlling the controllables’ and letting the rest take care of itself.

Her focus then enabled her to choose her next step with greater wisdom.

There is new information coming out every few days that affect dental practices. Under what circumstances can patients be treated? What PPE is required and is it available to purchase? How are dental teams paid and retained? When should we close our doors? When will the restrictions be over? It is to be expected that many people in our industry feel overwhelmed, confused and anxious for the future.

Focusing on the worry and fear of our respective situations, although understandable, is not helpful.

Shifting our focus to the things that we can control helps us to identify the things we can do to shape our futures, to take our next steps based on wise thinking.

I have written in the past about Trello, the productivity list-making application (see here). I love Trello! To help you relieve anxiety and gain control over your unique situation, I have created a ‘template board’ in Trello for you to upload and start making effective plans, both short and long-term. The board is called Dental Practice Regeneration. To get this board, simply send me your email address and I will send it to you straight away.

I have also created a short 15-minute video to guide you in the use of Trello.

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Would you like to receive the Trello Board ‘Dental Practice Regeneration’?

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