Could collaboration be your path to high-level success?

This past weekend was a special one for me.

JPPS collaborated with another business, Dental Management Expertise, and presented Dental Business Mastery, a 3-Day Conference in Melbourne. The event ran beautifully. We had great speakers, and the attendees were enthusiastic and fun to spend the three days with.

But, the reason the weekend was special runs more deeply than this.

After I sold my dental practice in 2013, I started JPPS as an educational and consulting business from my home office. Gone were the days of gathering a team together to dream up bigger and better ways of delivering a dental service to patients. Now, I was becoming accustomed to generating ideas on my own. It took some getting used but, over time, I developed my own routine and found a love for working solo.

Then, in January 2017, Ameena called me out of the blue! She was a dental practice consultant who had recently established her own company. She asked whether I would be open to building a relationship of support, collaboration and mentorship. I loved the idea!

Over the past two years, Ameena and I have become strong friends as well as business colleagues and joint-venturers.

Ameena, and co-founder of JPPS, Charles Kovess, suggested we organise educational conferences for dental teams. We picked a name, ‘Dental Business Mastery’, set a date for our flagship event and seven weeks later, there we were.

The reason the weekend and the conference were special for me (and Ameena) is that it was an example of what can be accomplished through collaboration. The results for attendees and speakers were powerful and were at a level that could not be achieved by any one of us singularly. We all needed each other and we each played our own unique role in creating an environment of high-level learning and impact.

I suggest to you that you are brilliant.

And, I suggest you can expand that brilliance if you seek out opportunities for collaboration.

Stop thinking of any other dental practices as your competition; they are your colleagues. Foster a mindset of abundance over scarcity and know that you are more powerful when working together rather than alone.

The weekend conference reinforced again to me that there is so much dental business available in Australia for all of us if we take the clever and collaborative steps to drive that business to our practices.

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

Charles Darwin