Why celebration is vital to your future success


I have found when dental teams achieve success, it is often acknowledged, but rarely celebrated.

We are very quick to turn attention to the next challenge, leaving the winning feeling of achievement far behind.

Life is a collection of experiences.  Indeed we are an amalgamation of the emotional attachment we place on these experiences. Our memories are very clear when recalling how we felt about an event, more-so than remembering the particulars of what actually happened.

In the workplace, our experience of achievements influences how we tackle our work and responsibilities. If we feel like a failure, we shy away from extending ourselves. If we feel empowered by our own abilities because we have achieved success in the past, then we face new challenges with a ‘bring it on’ attitude.

The importance of celebrating team success is all about creating a powerful and compelling experience of achievement in people.

The more powerful this experience, the greater its impact on each individual and their sense of capability in their performance.

I encourage every team to get really excited about their achievements. Build an experience around your success. Get the team together and acknowledge each individual effort. Go off-site for a meal, or bring in food for a surgery celebration. Discuss the actions and processes that were integrated in order to reach the goal. Acknowledge the performances that were vital to the outcome.

Other ways to heighten the experience of achievement…

  • Take the team to Gold Class Cinemas
  • Organise a Sunday to take the team and their families for a tour of a city building or gallery
  • Attend a comedy night
  • Invite everyone to a charity trivia event
  • Send a small gift to each staff-member’s home as a token of appreciation (much more powerful than simply handing it over at work)
  • Establish a ‘Kudos Board’ in the staff room where individual’s specific efforts are acknowledged for all to see
  • Have cocktails with wine and cheese after work one night

Avoid paying bonuses or handing out gift cards. These incentives deliver very little long-term effect.

As JPPS co-founder Charles Kovess shares in all of his team building events, “During an AFL grand final when a team scores the first goal, the supporters celebrate wildly; they don’t say “well we budgeted on that goal”.

It is about establishing the experience of achievement….so celebrate with bells on and streamers popping!