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Julie Parker
Trainer, Coach

Julie has worked in dental practices since 1987. 

Initially as a dental assistant, receptionist and patient co-ordinator, Julie became the first non-dentist to own a practice in 2003. 

After ten years of successful dental practice ownership, Julie started Julie Parker Practice Success with Co-Founder Charles Kovess, Australasia’s Passion Provocateur. 

Julie achieves great success in establishing the foundations for a powerful team culture that fosters individual team member improvement. 

Julie’s practice management strategies and systems have proven enormously effective with her clients in the achievement of dental practice success. 

Areas Of Expertise

Thirty plus years of industry experience including ten years of practice ownership.

Julie has a team-empowerment approach, instilling the principle of CANI, Constant And Never-ending Improvement, with the practices she works with. 

Julie’s friendly and engaging style creates a safe and powerful environment for dental teams to grow and develop their skills.

Team Development

Skills development in your team is possible if you create the right environment. Access to information, safety to make mistakes, time to practice and supportive direction with thoughtful follow-up are the all aspects that Julie brings to your practice.

Julie creates a powerful space for team development through the implementation of CANI: Constant And Never-ending Improvement, role-play and feedback. 

A successful team is motivated, take responsibility for their roles, care for each other and have a commitment to personal and practice growth. Julie, with the assistance of Charles Kovess, put actions and processes in place to build a powerful team culture that fosters a productive, efficient and happy working environment.

Patient Engagement & Communication

One of the crucial skills to develop to achieve success in your dental practice is the ability to engage patients in the oral health.

This is both a team effort and the process the practitioner uses to educate their patients and assisting them through the decision-making process.

Julie provides easy-to-implement strategies for effective communication to help your team develop this skill as one of the strengths of your practice.

Systems & Strategies

Systems are what enable your practcie to deliver a consistent and high standard of patient care.

Julie works with your team to implement proven systems and strategies for:

  • recalling your patients,
  • following up incomplete treatment,
  • team communication,
  • appointment book management,
  • delivery of high-level customer service…and more.

Reception Skills

Dental receptionists play an enormous role in your dental practice growth.

Julie works directly with your staff at the front desk and coaches them in time management, rapport-building, customer service, personal productivity, effective patient and telephone communication and team support.


Inspiring a team to strive for excellence is a challenging prospect. 

Julie guides leaders of your practice in the skills required to be successful, such as:

  • consistency
  • problem-solving
  • relationship building
  • decisiveness
  • emotional intelligence
  • responsibility
  • delegation
  • delivering feedback
  • time management
  • dependability

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“My goal is to help my clients achieve the practice success they long for, design an ideal environment for team members and set them on a path of constant and neverending improvement.”