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Looking at the brighter side of life

Are you a ‘glass half-full’ or ‘half-empty’ kind of character? If you are the latter, this article might inspire a shift in your mindset.

Victor Perton, the founder of The Centre for Optimism, was recently interviewed by JPPS co-founder, Charles Kovess, for the Monash Community Podcast. And it was a truly interesting and entertaining discussion.

Victor has been involved in Australian politics for many years. A former parliamentarian in the Australian State of Victoria and formerly the Victorian Government’s Commissioner to the Americas, Victor turned his attention to the impact of optimism on our society and formed The Centre for Optimism in 2019.

Charles’ interview with Victor highlights the importance of an optimistic attitude. There are several powerful benefits from being optimistic. Tony Robbins’ words come to mind; “There are people who think life is happening to them and then others who see that life is happening for them”.

Optimistic people are happier, more likely to achieve success and even sleep better.

When you are optimistic, you:

  • expect goods things to happen
  • feel confident that you will rise above when bad things happen
  • are excited for a happy future
  • have a positive attitude
  • enjoy the company of other optimistic people, and
  • don’t let negative experiences dominate your life.

Above all, an optimistic person feels gratitude for the good things in life. Gratitude is the solution to feelings of lack.

Follow the link and learn Victor’s strategies to help shift to an optimistic mindset. (Go to the 11-minute mark for the start of the interview.)

Have a wonderful, ‘glass half-full’ week.