New hobbies for a powerful 2021

I saw a great social media post recently that I think can help make 2021 a powerful year for you. And beyond!

The post encouraged adopting a new hobby in each of five areas of your life to help you be more successful.

The five areas to find a new hobby for are:

One to make you money
One to keep you in shape
One to keep you creative
One to build knowledge
One to build your mindset.

January first is a wonderful time to set a few goals for the coming year.

Indeed, identifying goals and a plan to achieve them is the focus this week for members of The Club.

I particularly like the concept of adopting new hobbies to build success; to adopt as part of your routine a few new ways of thinking or behaving that will help you become BETTER.

Getting better – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – is a life-long process. As we moved through our youth, we identified behaviours that both hindered and helped us. We made needed adjustments to achieve a happier and more successful experience of life.

Once we reach adulthood and become settled in our family-life and careers, we can become fixed in our routine. Adopting a few hobbies can help you make sure you keep getting better.

Here are a few hobbies to make your 2021 a powerful year.

Make you money

  • Do you have an interest in the stock market or real estate? Research, start small and develop your skills and knowledge.
  • Start a side-hustle.
  • Flip garage sale purchases.
  • Collect art.

Keep you in shape

  • Ever thought about rock-climbing or hiking? You could start going away for adventure weekends.
  • How about learning to surf or play golf? Take a few lessons in different sports and find something you enjoy.
  • Take up karate or martial arts.
  • Go to yoga classes.

Keep you creative

  • Go out and buy some charcoals and sketching paper, find a quiet setting and start to draw. Jump onto YouTube to find how-to videos to get you started.
  • Learn a musical instrument.
  • Photography, knitting, learning to cook…there are so many hobbies to choose from.
  • How about Lego and jigsaw puzzles so other family members can join in?

To build knowledge

  • Read or listen to audiobooks.
  • Write.
  • Learn to grow vegetables.
  • Discover woodworking.

To build your mindset

  • Journal your thoughts for greater reflection and clarity.
  • Discover meditation
  • Volunteer your time to different organisations
  • Travel and explore the world for a broader perspective.

Whatever your goals you set for yourself, making sure your hobbies are those that will make YOU BETTER in these five areas, will make 2021 a powerful year for you.

Happy New Year.