New hobbies for a powerful 2021

I saw a great social media post recently that I think can help make 2021 a powerful year for you. And beyond!

The post encouraged adopting a new hobby in each of five areas of your life to help you be more successful.

The five areas to find a new hobby for are:

One to make you money
One to keep you in shape
One to keep you creative
One to build knowledge
One to build your mindset.

January first is a wonderful time to set a few goals for the coming year.

Indeed, identifying goals and a plan to achieve them is the focus this week for members of The Club.

I particularly like the concept of adopting new hobbies to build success; to adopt as part of your routine a few new ways of thinking or behaving that will help you become BETTER.

Getting better – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – is a life-long process. As we moved through our youth, we identified behaviours that both hindered and helped us. We made needed adjustments to achieve a happier and more successful experience of life.

Once we reach adulthood and become settled in our family-life and careers, we can become fixed in our routine. Adopting a few hobbies can help you make sure you keep getting better.

Here are a few hobbies to make your 2021 a powerful year.

Make you money

  • Do you have an interest in the stock market or real estate? Research, start small and develop your skills and knowledge.
  • Start a side-hustle.
  • Flip garage sale purchases.
  • Collect art.

Keep you in shape

  • Ever thought about rock-climbing or hiking? You could start going away for adventure weekends.
  • How about learning to surf or play golf? Take a few lessons in different sports and find something you enjoy.
  • Take up karate or martial arts.
  • Go to yoga classes.

Keep you creative

  • Go out and buy some charcoals and sketching paper, find a quiet setting and start to draw. Jump onto YouTube to find how-to videos to get you started.
  • Learn a musical instrument.
  • Photography, knitting, learning to cook…there are so many hobbies to choose from.
  • How about Lego and jigsaw puzzles so other family members can join in?

To build knowledge

  • Read or listen to audiobooks.
  • Write.
  • Learn to grow vegetables.
  • Discover woodworking.

To build your mindset

  • Journal your thoughts for greater reflection and clarity.
  • Discover meditation
  • Volunteer your time to different organisations
  • Travel and explore the world for a broader perspective.

Whatever your goals you set for yourself, making sure your hobbies are those that will make YOU BETTER in these five areas, will make 2021 a powerful year for you.

Happy New Year.


Julie Parker was a dental nurse and receptionist for many years before becoming the first non-dentist to own a practice in Australia in 2003. After 10 very successful years, Julie now shares her wisdom and knowledge to other practice owners to facilitate their path to success. Charles Kovess practiced law successfully for 20 years before becoming a motivational speaker and transformation coach, bringing out the unique and extraordinary capacities of individuals, by accessing and harnessing their passion.