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Is your email signature sending the right message?

In this week’s blog, I am sharing a super little tool that I discovered yesterday.

It is HubSpot’s email signature template and it is a quick and easy way to design a great email signature.

Many practices that I work with have professional, well-designed email signatures. However, some practices have quite basic signatures that may be sending the wrong message.

Your emails can be an opportunity for you to reinforce your brand and professionalism to those with whom you communicate. Your patients, dental specialists, supply companies and other stakeholders will be left with some kind of impression after reviewing your emails: I suggest you make an impactful and positive impression with your well-crafted email signature.  

All you need to do with the HubSpot email signature template is enter in your details, logo (and photo if you wish – a great way to make your emails even more engaging), select the layout you like the best and then copy and paste into the settings of your email account.

The result is an email signature that looks great and has clickable links to your social media pages and website.

As an example, here is what I created in just a few minutes.

If you think your email signature could do with a little pizzazz, go HERE and get a little creative.