“Have I called the right place?”

biting nails on phone

While working on a project for one of my long-term dental practice clients, I came across a company that looked like it would suit the needs of the practice.

However, there were so many companies that I researched offering the same services, that I was somewhat apprehensive that I was on the right track.

That was until David, the customer service rep who I was dealing with over the phone, said one very powerful sentence.

As if sensing my trepidation, David said, “Don’t worry. You’ve called the right place. You are going to very happy with the result.”

My immediate relief intrigued me. Suddenly, my trust in this company increased without it delivering any actual service!

Many of your valued dental patients start off as apprehensive first-time callers. They hope that they have selected the right dental practice to visit. They want to feel assured that they will be cared for and receive high quality treatment.

At the point of first contact over the phone, it is your dental receptionist who has the power to reassure new patients out of their hesitation, and into the first stage of trust.

“Don’t worry. You have called the right practice. You are going to be delighted with Dr. Smith.” What a powerful way to round off a patient’s first communication with your practice!