I am proud, because of this…

super hero getting ready

Of all of my management skills, I am most proud of this one. I get better.

I am better than I was when I started. I am better than I was yesterday.

Improvement is truly exciting. Imagine being so stuck in our habits and behaviours that we manage things the same way every day, achieving the same outcomes.

I am too dissatisfied with the outcomes to experience them over and over. I want better results!

Nothing changes if nothing changes. The only path to achieving better results is to improve our responses and behaviours. The method is to become more thoughtful about our actions and what these actions trigger. No one has a negligible impact on another. What we do always shifts the course. Of all the reactions we can have, consider which will have the most beneficial impact and do that. Choose to positively influence situations and people.

Every skill that I have developed that make me a better manager and a better leader have all been discovered because I wanted to do a better job next time. Whether it is:

  • remaining positive and optimistic when managing a problem
  • being welcoming and happy when anyone approaches with an issue
  • getting down to the ‘front line’ and assessing the situation yourself, rather than only considering what others have told you
  • to be curious, not judgemental……and so on

For me, reflection is a powerful technique to use. Going for a walk, driving in my car and the early morning minutes of waking are the times I discover the best insights on how to better manage situations.

John C. Maxwell said “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.”

If you, like me, want better results, then become better!

Look out for my next blog for another key insight into how our constant improvement impacts upon our lives.