Professionalism – what is the value?

I have recently been considering what, if I still owned a dental practice, would the values of my business be.

The core values of your business are useful to identify as they become the guiding principles that direct all behaviours and processes.

A core value that I would find crucial to the successful operation of a dental surgery would be ‘professionalism’.

Professionalism is evidenced by several behaviours. The behaviours that I consider relevant for dental practices are:

Positivity. Being optimistic and bringing an upbeat energy to work.

Well-groomed. This means regularly washing and styling your hair, using personal hygiene products, keeping clean, well-manicured nails, and for men, shaving every day. Women should use a light hand with makeup and perfume. Cover tattoos and remove unconventional piercings.
Neat, clean and stylish attire.

Being well-spoken and easily understood. Listening to people with the intention of understanding them. Speaking with clarity and confidence.

Possess the skills required to competently execute the responsibilities of the role.

Showing consideration and regard for superiors, colleagues, patients and other stakeholders of the practice.

Acting in accordance with, and defending, that which is morally right.

Turning up to work on time, completing tasks efficiently and responding to requests promptly.

Being willing to answer for one’s own actions and results or the failure to take actions or create results.

Keeping emotions, expressions and actions in control even when faced with difficult situations.

Embracing professionalism as a core value of your practice can have a substantial and positive impact.

Consider including professionalism as a key factor in your hiring decisions, your team culture and the manner with which your practice manages your patients. Imagine what results your practice would generate when every decision and every action of your team members is driven by your practice’s core value of PROFESSIONALISM.