A dental practice mantra for EVERYONE!

To be the best leader, you need:

·         to establish a COMPELLING vision;

·         to be supportive and act as a mentor;

·         to help find the answers to the important questions; and

·         to inspire and motivate team members.

To be the best practitioner, receptionist or assistant, you need:

·         to be efficient, productive and have a caring and positive attitude; and

·         to treat patients as if they were family members; and

·         to create a calming environment.

To be the best colleague to your teammates, you need:

·         to help each other out and be each other’s cheerleader;

·         to be encouraging and respectful; and

·         to help create a culture of happiness and responsibility.

Regardless of what role we have in the dental practice, we each have our list of responsibilities.

But, there is a simple, yet powerful, question, a mantra, that can be an amazing driver of behaviour for each of us.

“What can I do for you?”

Consider the results you, as a leader would get if you were to consistently ask team members “What can I do for you?”

“What can I do for you…to help you in your work, your training, the completion of your tasks?” Challenges that team members are experiencing would be identified and then managed. Grievances may be brought to your attention and discussed. Needed support may be called upon for you to deliver.

Asking “What can I do for you?” as a leader fosters trust, safety and respect with your team.

The question “What can I do for you?” when delivered to dental patients is gold.

“What can I do for you…so you are less anxious, more comfortable or make your experience better?” is the foundation of great customer service.

As a member of the team, asking fellow team members “What can I do for you?” is what positive and powerful workplace cultures strive to achieve: a group of individuals who support each other and share in the tasks of the practice. A team that protects each other’s backs and see success as helping others succeed.

“What can I do for you?” comes from a mindset of positivity and generosity. It broadens one’s perspective out to encompass the reality of others. It is a statement to others that they matter to you and that you care. There is no judgment when this powerful question is asked and therefore results in refreshingly honest answers.

It is my belief that if the question “What can I do for you?” became the mantra for your practice, the changes your practice would experience would be beneficial, substantial and powerful.