The Strange Secret About Action

When we are interested in a topic or outcome, we have the resources to acquire a large amount of knowledge in the area. There are books, articles, blogs, documentaries, websites and authorities to enlighten us on the actions we can take to achieve our desired outcome.

So, why are there overweight people who KNOW that increased exercise and decreased food will normally lead to weight loss, yet remain overweight?

Why do banking customers, who KNOW that only paying the minimum amount due on their monthly credit card statement will result in an ever-increasing balance, remain in heavy debt?

In my work, I see numerous dental practice owners and managers who have researched and KNOW that applying specific business principles will lead to practice growth. Yet they remain stagnant in their development.

Knowledge is only powerful in our lives if we APPLY it; if we take action. And it is strange indeed that many people do not do so!

The fact of the matter is, that your life – and your practice – will not improve unless you start applying the knowledge you accumulate.

Consider this list of 11 Overlooked Truths About Action, as noted on The Art Of Manliness site:

  1. Action is Cheaper Than Planning
  2. Action Allows Emergence
  3. Inaction is Scarier
  4. Motivation Follows Action
  5. Action is an Existential Answer
  6. Action Creates Courage
  7. Explanations Follow Actions
  8. Action Beats the Odds
  9. Action Makes You Humble
  10. Action Isn’t Petty
  11. Action Creates Antifragility

Do not have the expectation that everything you apply will be a success. It won’t be. Trial and error is a big part of business development and resilience. Boost Juice Founder, Janine Allis, said in a recent interview, “At the end of the day I look back at all of the times things have gone wrong, and every single thing made us who we are today. For every product you see that works at Boost, there were probably 10 others that have failed dismally. Without those failures we wouldn’t have our successes, so embrace what goes wrong.”

Also, being closed off to information because you ‘already know this stuff’ blocks your ability to think creatively. If you find yourself thinking these thoughts, ask yourself “what have I done to ACT on this knowledge?” If you have not taken any substantial action, then look at the information through fresh eyes. Shift your mindset from closed to open and be eager to discover the power within. By doing so, you can discover the secret blocks within you, and then dismantle those blocks.

Just like weight loss and reducing debt, practice growth is simple. It’s the application of knowledge that some can find difficult. Your first step to building the practice of your dreams is to use your knowledge and TAKE ACTION!